I reference the intricate and dynamic nature of life - its small parts, interconnections, diversity, rhythms, cycles, and energy. Themes of repetition and novelty, features of the biological world, are an undercurrent in all of my art.

The notion that civilization is damaging the balance of natureʼs elaborate systems fuels my interest in biology and the small-scale world, where forms are either invisible to the naked eye, or can be seen only through close examination.

A critical part of my creative process is arrangement and assembly. Decisions about placement, attachment and construction are endlessly fascinating.  As in the web of life, where organization is constantly in flux, I feel compelled to put diverse and evolving elements in order. 

Experimenting with all sorts of materials is an important aspect of my studio practice. My relief sculptures and collages are made with a variety of cut papers, Plexiglass and thin plywood.  I cut elements by hand or with a laser cutter.  My small drawings are made with graphite and colored pencil on paper, stained with drips, contact with rust, or immersion in liquid. I am also exploring the use of LED light strips to backlight collages made with transparent materials such as vellum and tracing paper.

Images of plants, insects, microscopic life, zoology, and human anatomy inspire my drawings and the shapes I incorporate into the collages and reliefs.